NeoApex Medical (Formerly known Apexindia / Apex Medical & Surgical Equipments) – a company dedicated to manufacturing, importing and marketing of Plastic & Cosmetic surgery instruments and Equipment’s was started in the year 1996 with the sole intention of catering to the needs of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeions.

We have the complete range of instruments and equipments for the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery department. We select the best quality and grade of Steel and aluminium for making our instruments. Utmost Care is taken that quality and precision of the instrument are adhered too. Instruments are sharpened where needed and made blunt where required. We also take care that our instruments do not have sharp edges which could tear the surgeons hand gloves. The hardening of steel instruments is very important in order to achieve the correct hardness and elasticity, sharpness in the instruments. Different types of hardening temperatures are used depending on the type of instruments and its use.

In some cases, different degrees of hardness are needed in one single instrument. Importance also is given to the handles of the instruments – be it a single hook or an expensive Skin graft Handle – as we know the comfort of the surgeon is of utmost importance. We Keep in touch with the new developments and improvisations and do not dictate any particular instrument. We also develop a new instrument as per the requirements of the surgeons. Our understanding about the importance of SERVICE has made us the leaders of plastic surgery products for two decades.